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MONSTERELLA is an action/adventure/horror/sci-fi anthology inspired by the classic “Vampirella” and “2000 AD” magazines of the 1970’s. Written and illustrated by Canadian creators, for Vancouver Island publisher Hangman Comics, a successful kickstarter campaign will ensure it goes to print so it can get into the hands of creepy comics fans everywhere!

Monsterella revolves around the continuing adventures of Montrossa Rella, AKA “Monsterella”, the warden of an intergalactic prison planet, where the galaxy’s worst of the worst monsters are imprisoned and isolated from the rest of the universe. All hell breaks loose when an unexpected revolt overthrows her, and threatens the safety of the entire galaxy! 

But her adventures are just one chapter of the book. In the style of the classic Vampirella magazines, Monsterella goes on to introduce other astonishing tales guaranteed to chill and thrill you cover to cover!



I, personally, am currently working on two anthology stories called:


The Book of Emma (Writer and Illustrator)


Featured In:

  • Monsterella Vol 2

  • Monsterella Summer Special

  • Monsterella Halloween Edition

  • Monsterella Vol 3 (cover artist as well)

The Book of Emma is a story that's been in the works for several years… The characters started as one-off drawings created years ago; of a seemingly random, preppy girl who's attacked by a werewolf. Which causes her to spring to life, and kick ass! From there I fell in love with the idea... Other ideas swirled and a called-upon chosen one type of fighter of the nightmare realm, and creatures that go bump in the night, was born!


Last Woman on Earth (Written by Matt Smith)

Working with writer Matt Smith, I am throwing down with him on his ongoing saga following the Last Woman on Earth as she makes her way through a post-apocalyptic Victoria BC which is now overrun by mutated former humans.