foUNDRY lOGO.png

For as long as he can remember, Shawn Pearson has shared his body with an entity known as Foundry with whom he constantly vies for control. Shawn has persevered throughout this struggle, maintaining control and becoming an officer in the Canadian Forces. That is, until an incident revealed both the secret of Foundry, and a deeper secret Foundry had kept hidden from Shawn.


Shawn learned he had the ability to manipulate heat, to move it from one place to another, and to withstand it even at great degrees. A secret branch of the government learned they had a powerful new asset at their disposal. Shawn Pearson was declared officially dead, and an agent codenamed Foundry was added to the roster of Canada’s special forces.


Can Shawn keep Foundry’s fury and power in check? How blurry is the line between these two beings? Is it worth risking his wrath to wield the power of The Foundry?

This series is a personal project between myself (illustration, lettering, colours) and writer: Brian Leclair.