Anthology Contributions: Comics

I've been lucky and have gotten to contribute to various comic anthology series. Showing off a sample of some I've contributed to below.

The Haunt'd - Part 2

Working with Matt Smith @SmithVsSmith, we created this fun 6 page comic for Frisson Comics' "Cradle to the Grave" edition.
This is a sequel to a collaboration with Nova Rella from a few years ago.

The story is called: "The Haunt'd - Part 2" which explores two kids entering the house after the aftermath of Part 1.


Please have a look at the first few pages and we will look to do a north american publishing of it coming soon!

ONE SHOT PAGE: Contest entry to Charon Comics... a one page short using "Charon: The Boatman to Hades" as the title character... thought it'd be fun for him to meet the master of death... George R.R. Martin.